Woman Welder

What Women Should Consider Before Starting a Career in Welding

Equality between female and male jobs is growing in many different fields, as well as in the welding industry. In…

AC and DC Welding

Welding Current and Polarity

Welding is a hands-on job that requires a good amount of technical knowledge. One very important term that you will…

Welding a pipe

Shielded Metal Arc Welding

In order to secure employment for one of the most used welding techniques, you need to learn new skills and…

Types of Welding

The Difference Between Brazing vs. Welding vs. Soldering

There are three types of ways used to join pieces of metal, they are brazing, soldering, and welding. Filling gaps…

Welding technique

What Does a Structural Welder Do?

Girders, columns, and repair beams, structural welders create the metal framework for building and bridges as well as the cut….


What You Should Know About Aircraft Welding World

Aircraft welding has been around for many, many years, and during that time many different types of welding have been…

Becoming Structural Welder

Everything You Need to Know About TIG Welding

To join metals there are at least sixty-seven welding processes. One process is different from another one and mostly uses…

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