Privacy Policy is keenly aware of the importance surrounding privacy.

To prove our commitment to protecting your privacy, and in an effort to explain the approaches we have adopted in to this protection, we have put together our Privacy Policy, which you can read below.

This Policy was designed to help you understand what kind of data we are collecting it, the reasons why we choose to collect it, and what exactly we plan to do with it.

The information our website receives and how we process it

We collate data as a way of assessing the efficiency and the effectiveness of our website – we collate both demographic and statistical data – this is generic, but we never collect any information about our visitors by which they could be individually identified.

The web server that we employ has the ability to recognize the IP address of the visitor, alongside the webpage from which any visitors enter our website.

We also collect data such as the date and time of when visitors access the site,and we take note of the amount of time people spend browsing our site.

We never collect any specific information regarding the identity of visitors to the webpage, but he reason we collect the generic data is to help us improve the functioning of our site.

It gives us a clearer understanding of what we may need to implement to improve resources or fix any issues that may have arisen within the server and also enables us to monitor the traffic on our site.

We may occasionally share some statistical and demographic data with our marketing teams, but again, this is generic and related to the visitors as a group. We would like to make it very clear that we never share any individual-specific data.

Information received by Ad networks that operate on our site

There are several ad networks that we allow use of our website as a marketing platform – these networks will also collate the generic, non-specific information as a way of providing advertisements that are tailored to your interests.

You will always have the option to stop receiving any kind of personalized ads, but you will be unable to request that the generic types of advertising are stopped.

On this note, we would again like to make it clear that, like us, these generalized advertising networks have absolutely no access to your personal information.

User comments

Users of our website have full permission to submit their own comments on the site.

The posters of these comments have full responsibility over these comments and any personal information that they may share within these comments.

We hold no responsibility for the ways in which this personal information could be used by any third parties – it is solely the responsibility of the individual who has chosen to divulge the information within their commentary.

However, we do reserve the right to remove or amend any comments if there was to be an issue regarding their content; be it erroneous or inappropriate.

Links to other websites

Our website does contain links to numerous other websites; these websites may require you to provide different kinds of personal information – for example, your name, address, contact number, social media information, etc.

Here at, we have no control over how any of these third parties may use the information your provide; we disclaim any responsibility for these potential uses.

The Privacy Policy we have implemented applies solely to the information collected on our website.

Please ensure that you also read the privacy policies and terms of service of these third party sites, prior to divulging any sensitive or personal information.