What Women Should Consider Before Starting a Career in Welding

Equality between female and male jobs is growing in many different fields, as well as in the welding industry.

In fact, women are considered opportunities these days.

An especially promising industry is welding, and if you are a woman and looking for a career in welding you are on the right track.

If you are into this “non-traditional” job, you will see that welding is rewarding and in-demand in many different industries.

Welding is the Most Wanted Professions

Welding jobs are facing a shortage that will continue as workers are getting older.

When we are at automation technologies welders who work in manufacturing, construction, or wholesale trade, this industry will continue to evolve.

Computer programming, robotics, engineering knowledge will become a more high-tech trade, and the increase in demand for welders may come.

Joining two pieces of metal is an act in a permanent bond.

Women Can Be Good Welders

Woman working as a welder

Well, there are hundreds of examples of female welders that do great work.

They have a steady hand and are great at precision welding.

They also will create beautiful results thanks to their eye for aesthetics.

Great Opportunity = Great Need

There is a huge need for women in welding looking on the employer’s side.

With the necessary skills manufacturing industry leaders, government statisticians, and CTE educators all agree that a wipe GOP exists.

Over 450.00 skilled welders will be by 2022, says the American Welding Society (AWS).

Older and more experienced employees rewrite and taking their knowledge with them.

Active and Flexible is Welding


For travel opportunities and flexible hours, welding can be an active job.

For specific industries or specializations, additional certifications can give welders an edge and will allow honing their skill sets.

Working as welders may inspect, educate, manage, calculate, manufacture, maintain machinery, and delivery.

Women Like the Welding Industry

In the past getting women in the welding industry hasn’t been easy but now is new initiatives are being pursued.

Jessi Combs, off-road racing start, and television got her start in the automotive fabrication training program.

Jessi in the past six years has been joined by other women making a mane and a career in welding and metal fabrication.

Relatively High Are Average Salaries

Higher average salaries have welding and other skilled trades than female-dominated careers.

For Brazing, Solderers, Cutters, Welders have annual wage mean, for example (51-4121) in 2015 was $40.970, per year administrative assistants make $36,500 and growth only at 3%.

You Should Think About Restarting Your Career

Soldering vs. welding welding career

An ideal option for a mid-life career, if you want to change, is a welding career.

American welder average age is 55 years old, for the young people it’s not a dominated career, schools for trade require less money and time than four-year colleges.

Some training programs schools require less than a year of training.

There is an opportunity in range career in welding.

For more than a quarter of all business own female entrepreneurs found the U.S Census Bureau, an estimated 7 percent of welders are self-employed and 17.5 percent of construction workers, these skilled trades are especially promising for those who seek self-employment.

Women Have Been in the Welding Field Since World War II

In the 1940s Rosie the Riveter rallied women to fill wartime labor shortages, to perform their ability Rosie the Riveter give them a chance.

Garden norms prevailed after the war and today welding is still considered “non-traditional” jobs for women.

In the television show “Dirty Jobs,” Mike Rowe says “employers seeking to fill labor shortages and encourage gender diversity in the workplace, want to change.

Consider exploring their promising careers, women learn about the opportunities that await them in welding and others trades.

Weld Like A Super Girl

Salary for welders

As men view them as inferior there is an issue when women enter a predominantly male industry.

When a male ego can get too inflated, they are not going to stand being substituted.

These things are in the past now, with the “Me Too” movement they have been substantially fewer cases.

Women are equal to men even when we talk about welding and the metal industry.

It is actually about how well they are doing a great job.

Do consider a career in welding because it will give you more money, enjoyment, and freedom.

It’s one of the best opportunities you can choose from and a career you can advance in.

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