Former Teachers, Here are 10 Job Opportunities That Might Help You Get a New Start

Former teachers can apply for jobs.

It’s completely ok to seek a job that isn’t linked to teaching or education, even if being a teacher used to seem like your calling.

You deserve happiness.

So, think about it: what do you care about a lot? What piques your interest?

Many former teachers are lured to professions in business, journalism, or communications because they frequently have transferable talents.

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Human Resources (HR) Specialist

Human Resources (HR) Specialist

Is a person who works in the field of human resources.

Teachers understand how to assist students to achieve by expanding their knowledge and abilities.

Human resources professionals also have the opportunity to assist people in achieving their goals by connecting them to the appropriate employment, training opportunities, and benefit alternatives.

You may require more business education depending on your school background, but the benefits of this sector tend to make the extra effort worthwhile.

  • Median salary: $61,920
  • Highest salary: $105,930 or more

Compensation and Benefits Manager

You may excel in planning, organizing, and paying attention to detail, much like other instructors.

With this sort of job, you can put your abilities to good use while still contributing to a worthwhile cause.

You may make a big contribution to making employees feel appreciated and helping them stay healthy and supported in their quest for happiness by recommending and supervising a company’s pay and benefits structure.

Additional training in human resources or business administration may be required.

  • Median salary: $122,270
  • Median salary: $122,270

Personal Financial Advisor

Is mathematics your educational and teaching background?

If that’s the case, this job could be an excellent fit for you. In this sort of position, your ability to compute figures, comprehend what they imply, and explain complicated concepts might come in handy.

You’ll also be assisting folks in achieving financial objectives that allow them to pursue their true desires in life. Consider taking additional financial planning classes if you go this way.

  • Median salary: $87,850
  • Highest salary: $208,000 or more

Dental Hygienist

As a previous teacher, you would be ideal for this position.

After all, you’re probably already good at paying attention to details, making others feel at ease, and educating those who need kind reminders about what’s best for them.

All you need is a little additional information and some hands-on skills, which you can get through an associate degree program in two years or less.

  • Median salary: $76,220
  • Highest salary: $103,340 or more



Former instructors are frequently excellent authors.

Great authors are constantly in demand, and not only in the publishing and entertainment industries.

Many businesses and non-profits require continuous writing services, whether for technical documentation, grant applications, proposals, or internal or external marketing.

  • The median salary for technical writers: $72,850
  • The highest salary for technical writers: $117,250 or more
  • Other writers and authors’ median annual income: $63,200
  • Highest yearly pay for other writers and authors: $122,450 or more

Registered Nurse (RN)

Are empathy, emotional resiliency, meticulous attention to detail, and organizational abilities among your greatest assets?

If that’s the case, you owe it to yourself to at least explore becoming a registered nurse, especially because it’s one of the most in-demand jobs in America.

  • Median salary: $73,300
  • Highest salary: $111,220 or more

Marketing Specialist

Marketing Specialist

Do you have a lot of imagination?

Have you gained a better understanding of human behavior as a result of your teaching experience?

Many businesses, non-profit organizations, and marketing firms are looking for employees who can empathize with others and understand their motives.

  • Median salary: $63,790
  • Highest salary: $122,630 or more

Respiratory Therapist

Do you still want to make a difference in the lives of children?

Many children suffer from asthma or other respiratory problems that need constant monitoring and evaluation.

You may use your natural compassion and continue to make a good difference with a two-year associate degree in this profession.

  • Median salary: $61,330
  • Highest salary: $86,980 or more

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Are you adept at adjusting to other people’s demands and personalities?

Your capacity to teach others will still be important in this field (including children).

However, your main focus will be on assisting persons with temporary or permanent impairments in learning how to do fundamental daily chores, frequently with the aid of assistive technology.

  • Median salary: $61,510
  • Highest salary: $82,210 or more

Public Relations (PR) Specialist

Human Resources (HR) Specialist

In this area, excellent communication is essential. You’ve probably covered it with your classroom teaching experience.

Of course, building excellent relationships with the public and other media professionals is an important part of this job.

Writing, planning, and public speaking are all talents that might be useful in a PR position.

  • Median salary: $61,150
  • Highest salary: $115,430 or more

A teaching career is a noble job.

As one, you are helping young brains develop but not always can be enough.

If you feel this way it’s better to consider one of the jobs above, they might be just what you have been looking for.

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