14 Cool Jobs for Pregnant Women

Even though you are pregnant, it doesn’t mean you don’t want to work while waiting for the baby to arrive.

As a future mom, there are a few things to consider before looking for a new job.

You should be choosing a job that is not physically demanding and that also has flexible hours.

So, have a look at this list of cool jobs for pregnant women!

1. Freelance Writer

if you always enjoyed writing, you can now take it to the next level by becoming a freelancer.

it will be easy for you to write from home and make some extra money.

Furthermore, this job gives you the chance to choose your own projects and work schedule.

The main skills you need are being a good communicator and sticking to deadlines.

You can easily find a job writing blog posts, stories, or various types of content.

2. Customer Service

While some positions require you to sit at the desk all day long, not all are the same.

You can look for a position that allows you to take breaks whenever you need and has a part-time schedule.

Working in customer service is easier and less stressful to do at home, making it ideal for pregnant women.

Plus, you do not need much experience, as you will receive training on the job.

Keep in mind this can be a rather stressful kind of job, depending on the customers you’ll need to deal with.

3. Private Tutor

If you have always been good with one particular subject, you can put your skills to good use while pregnant.

Many kids need lessons, and this will also help you earn some extra cash.

You can also work from home and have video chat sessions with the student you are tutoring.

So, you can become a private tutor from the comfort of your own home.

When it comes to skills, you will need patience and solid communication skills.

4. Virtual Assistant

There are many companies nowadays that need virtual assistants to help out with various tasks.

This can include sending emails, making phone calls, and reservations for the person you’ll assist.

The tasks are not difficult and mostly relate to admin work.

You don’t need much experience for this job, but you should be reliable and know how to organize yourself.

If you don’t know where to start, you can even find an agency that will match you with potential clients.

5. Personal Shopper

These days, many professionals don’t have the time to do their own shopping.

So, becoming a personal shopper could be a great idea for a future mom.

You will need to become informed on what are the best deals and high-quality items and where you can find these.

You can expect to go shopping for clothes, accessories, home decorations, and gifts.

This is a good idea if you like to shop are looking for flexible work hours.

Plus, you will get to have fun and learn more about different types of stores.

You don’t need any training or education to become a personal shopper, which is a plus.

Cool Jobs for Pregnant Women

6. Wedding Planner

Being a wedding planner is often a full-time job, but you can also do it while pregnant.

Maybe you have a talent for decorating and your friends are always asking you for advice.

In that case, this career could be perfect for you.

You can make good money out of being a wedding planner, and use your own wedding experience.

Keep in mind that you will need to keep in touch with the various vendors and photographers in your area.

7. Transcriptionist or Proofreader

These jobs might be perfect for you if you are detail-oriented.

As a transcriptionist, you will be required to type fast and have a high accuracy rate.

If you choose to work as a proofreader, you will need to check someone else\s work and make sure it is correct.

These jobs are easy to do at home and pay enough to help you out with your new responsibilities.

8. Social Media Manager

This is yet another job that you can do from pretty much anywhere.

Your main task will be to make and schedule posts for social media.

This is one of the jobs that doesn’t even require a computer, as you can easily engage from your smartphone.

Being a social media manager doesn’t require experience or training, and thus is perfect for pregnant women.

9. Flower Designer

If you like being around flowers and also enjoy creating beautiful decorations, this could be the right job for you.

Being a floral designer is not demanding and will leave you enough time for other chores.

A floral designer usually works in a store, so you may have to go to work in person.

However, the position generally offers flexible hours, and you can even work part-time.

10. Pet Sitter or Trainer

Maybe you like animals, so you can choose a job that will allow you to interact with them.

One of the easiest jobs related to animals for pregnant women is being a pet sitter.

Many people are too busy to always care for their pets, which offers many work opportunities for pregnant women.

Some of your daily tasks will include walking and keeping the dog entertained.

You will also need to feed the pet and make sure it’s safe.

If you know how to train dogs, you can even work as a dog trainer for puppies.

11. Baker

Do you like to bake or show off your latest cake decorations?

In that case, you can select a job as a baker or cake decorator while you are pregnant.

These positions will give you the chance to interact with others and improve your baking or decorating skills.

Furthermore, these jobs are not demanding and will feel more like fun than work.

12. Data Entry

Doing data entry is quite easy and is one of the most known online jobs.

You will have to gather data from one source and bring it to another source.

The most important skills you need for this job include typing fast and accurately.

13. Library Assistant

If you have good organizational skills and are an avid reader, you can search for a library assistant job.

Your main duties will be to sort books and arrange them on bookshelves.

Depending on where you work, you could be asked to finish some other tasks.

Some of these include compiling information and putting it together.

Being a library assistant is an ideal job for a pregnant woman due to the low level of stress.

The environment is also quiet and you can work part-time.

14. Office Clerk

Maybe you are good with answering phones and organizing emails.

In that case, consider becoming an office clerk.

Being an office clerk is very popular for future moms.

The most significant job duties you will have to include sending out emails, organizing papers, and taking notes.

You don’t need a lot of experience to do this, and it will keep you busy if you are generally an active person.


So, now you have an idea of all the jobs you could apply for while pregnant.

All of these jobs are fun and don’t need much training or experience.

You will get the chance to earn some money while doing something you love, which is a rewarding experience.

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