High – Paying, Fast – Growing Jobs That Don’t Require a Lot of Education

Career and technical schools, in contrast to most conventional four-year colleges, focus on placing students on a clearer route to employment success.

They also provide the opportunity to obtain rapid degrees or diplomas, as well as complete short certification programs.

Many of the highest-paying entry-level positions may be obtained with only two years of a specialized career school or less.

The following professions do not need a lot of post-secondary education.

In many situations, a two-year associate degree is all that is required.

And for some of them, a diploma or certificate, which can frequently be acquired in a couple of months, is sufficient to get you started.

The figures for wages and job growth come from the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ employment forecasts data.

Between 2019 and 2029, employment in each of the 15 jobs listed below is expected to grow at a pace that is equal to or greater than the national average of 4%.

Salary figures are based on projections until May 2020.

Keep in mind that your earning potential varies based on where you work in the country.

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Dental Hygienist

The major responsibilities of persons in this profession include cleaning teeth, checking mouths for symptoms of illness, and educating patients about appropriate dental hygiene.

  • Average pay: $78,050
  • Top pay: $104,420 or more
  • Job growth: 6 percent

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

These healthcare workers utilize ultrasound technology to capture pictures that aid doctors in diagnosing and treating their patients appropriately.

  • Average pay: $77,790
  • Top pay: $105,340 or more
  • Job growth: 17 percent

Registered Nurse

Medical Jobs

You may enter the field of delivering and organizing crucial care for patients in places like hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare settings with just an associate’s degree.

  • Average pay: $80,010
  • Top pay: $116,230 or more
  • Job growth: 7 percent

Digital Interface Designer/Web Developer

Digital Interface Designer/Web Developer

Building appealing and effective websites necessitates a great deal of technical knowledge but not necessarily a lot of training, especially if you like teaching yourself new tactics.

  • Average pay: $85,490
  • Top pay: $146,430 or more
  • Job growth: 8 percent

Respiratory Therapist

Many people require expert assistance to breathe properly, which is where these health professionals come in.

Work might range from enabling life support to assisting individuals with asthma and other respiratory problems in tiny clinics.

  • Average pay: $65,640
  • Top pay: $89,170 or more
  • Job growth: 19 percent

Cardiovascular Technologist/Technician

For heart-related problems, these professionals administer tests, capture ultrasound pictures, or help during surgery.

  • Average pay: $60,940
  • Top pay: $96,790 or more
  • Job growth: 5 percent



A small amount of vocational training and a brief apprenticeship is generally sufficient to pursue this trade, which allows you to wire buildings for electrical power and communications.

  • Average pay: $61,550
  • Top pay: $98,720 or more
  • Job growth: 8 percent


You can specialize in installing and repairing pipes and related equipment with only a few months of formal trade school or apprenticeship training.

  • Average pay: $61,100
  • Top pay: $98,990 or more
  • Job growth: 4 percent

Commercial Driver

Commercial Driver

This tradesperson works underwater in specialized diving equipment to assist in the construction, maintenance, or removal of major buildings or equipment.

  • Average pay: $71,850
  • Top pay: $111,130 or more
  • Job growth: 5 percent

Paralegal or Legal Assistant

These well-paid specialists are educated to assist attorneys by doing activities such as legal research, administrative tasks, and document preparation.

  • Average pay: $56,610
  • Top pay: $85,160 or more
  • Job growth: 11 percent

HVAC Technician

HVAC Technician

These professionals install, maintain, and repair the heating and cooling systems in our homes, workplaces, and other structures.

  • Average pay: $53,410
  • Top pay: $80,820 or more
  • Job growth: 4 percent

Surgical Technologist

This type of healthcare technician’s major responsibilities includes preparing operating rooms, arranging surgical equipment, and aiding surgeons during operations.

  • Average pay: $51,510
  • Top pay: $73,110 or more
  • Job growth: 7 percent

Construction Equipment Operator

This specialized trade includes operating large construction machines for the construction of highways or significant constructions.

  • Average pay: $55,280
  • Top pay: $87,220 or more
  • Job growth: 4 percent

Licensed Practical or Vocational Nurse

This level of nursing does not require a degree and allows you to work alongside physicians and other health professionals after a short vocational study.

  • Average pay: $50,090
  • Top pay: $65,520 or more
  • Job growth: 9 percent

Clinical Laboratory Technician

Clinical Laboratory Technician

This employment (also known as medical laboratory technologists) collects fluid and tissue samples from medical patients and uses specific lab equipment to perform basic diagnostic procedures.

  • Average pay: $55,990
  • Top pay: $83,700 or more
  • Job growth: 7 percent

Even though these jobs don’t require a lot of education, they still need your attention.

Make sure to be determined and finish the small education requirement so that you can finally get a job that you will enjoy and be proud of.

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