12 Active Jobs That Pay More Than Most Jobs

Are you a person who enjoys keeping active?

If so, you might need a job that matches your lifestyle.

Of course, you would also want your new job to pay well.

All you need to do is check out our list of 12 active jobs that pay more than most jobs.

Registered Nurse

So, you think about what it takes to be a nurse.

You should first know that this career path is suitable for people who have some particular skills.

For example, you will need to be patient and have very good communication skills.

You will also have to act fast when you are needed and care for the patients you have.

More often than not, being a nurse requires a training course or some experience in the field.

This job is definitely active, as you will be on your feet most of the time.

The work hours are long and you may need to work on the weekends as well.

Flight Attendant

As a flight attendant, you will fly both private and commercial flights and cater to the customers.

This job does not require a particular degree, but you will need training as well as experience in the field.

The perks of this career include traveling often and seeing new places all the time.

This is one of the most active jobs as you will have to take care of customers’ needs for the duration of the flight.

The pay is also quite high, depending on how much experience you have and where you live.

Personal Trainer

If you like to stay active at all times and be in good physical condition, this is the right job for you.

You will get to be around people and motivate them to work out.

You can either work with clients one-on-one or run a fitness class like yoga or Pilates.

Fitness trainers have pretty flexible schedules, so you will get to make your own work hours.

In addition, you will not need a lot of credentials to start this career.

You may need to attend a short training course on the job, but most gyms will hire someone passionate about fitness.

Massage Therapist

As a massage therapist, you will help your clients heal by delivering the appropriate massage for their condition.

You will use your hands to relieve stress and pressure, and also tell your clients about various relaxing techniques.

Being a massage therapist requires some training.

You will have to finish a training course and get a massage therapist diploma.

Some of the skills required for this job include patience, the ability to use your hands, and calm people.

Pharmacy Technician

Becoming a pharmacy tech is a good idea if you are looking for an active job that pays well.

You will also get to work in healthcare, but you do not need the same credentials as a nurse or a doctor.

You can become a pharmacy technician after you complete a training course and get a diploma, there are online classes for pharmacy techs.

The main job duties include dispensing medication, communicating with your customers, and dealing with payments.

This is a job that requires good communication skills, as you will be around other people all day long.

12 Active Jobs That Pay More Than Most Jobs

Elevator Installer

If you are good with your hands and want to work in the construction field, this can be a good career path for you.

Keep in mind that this is a very physically demanding job.

You will need to have a great physical condition and have good stamina to finish your daily tasks.

Most of these will include the installation and maintenance of elevators and escalators.

You will be in charge of installing elevator cars, changing cables, and connecting them.

At times, you may have to lift even up to 100 pounds.

To get a job in the field, you need to finish a training course and even get a higher education.

Electrical Powerline Installer

This is yet another demanding and active job that pays well.

It is also suitable for people who have a very good physical condition and aren’t afraid of heights.

The main job duty you will do is to install and maintain the high-voltage lines charged with electricity.

For that, you need specific training and knowledge of working with electricity.

The easiest way to start a career as an electrical power line installer is by apprenticeship.

On the job, you will routinely climb the poles and carry heavy gear.

House Painter

This is a job that you can do once you get some training.

The main task you will have is to apply paint to the exterior or the interior of the homes of your clients.

While you can do this job without getting a diploma, you should consider finishing a course to develop your skills.

However, many house painters get their training on-the-job, after they get hired.

As a house painter, you will keep active, and the salary can be high, especially if you live in a big city.


A chiropractor is an active job that also pays well.

If you generally like helping people, this could be the perfect job for you.

You will use your hands and work with the musculoskeletal and nervous systems to release stress and improve health.

Chiropractors need some medical knowledge in order to perform their jobs.

You will also need to enroll and finish a program to get your first job.


If you become a boilermaker, you will install and maintain boilers and tanks.

Being a boilermaker is a very active job that requires you to inspect tanks, make sure there are no leaks, and repair valves.

This is quite an active job that is also physically demanding.

You should be used to working in hot and tight spaces, and be in good physical condition.

Keep in mind that this job requires training so you can enhance the skills needed on the job.


If you want to work in the construction industry, you can become a carpenter.

This job pays well as it is quite demanding and requires some particular knowledge of how constructions work.

Some carpenters even choose to pursue higher education.

As a carpenter, you will help build bridges and maintain or repair them.

There are several career paths you can take once you get into carpentering.

You can focus on residential or commercial work, which usually pays very well.

Another idea is to do restoring work or get into remodeling.


As a mason, you will still get to work in the construction field.

A mason is someone who builds various structures out of bricks, such as walls, chimneys, and fireplaces.

You do not need to pursue a degree in order to get a job in the field.

However, you have to attend a training course and develop skills pertaining to the trade.

This is a job where you can earn a high salary, which is especially the case for those living in large areas.


So, now you have a better idea of what to expect from a new, higher-paying active job.

Every person is different and so you can choose the job that suits you most, based on your abilities.

This way, you will be able to build the fun career you have always dreamed of.

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