10 Best Trade Schools inModesto, CA

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Modesto trade school provides career-ready programs that can get students ready for employment in a variety of industries in less than two years.

Courses are available in areas such as Welding, HCAV, Medical Assisting, and Cosmetology, just to name a few.

After graduation students are ready for the state’s licensing (if their profession is state-regulated) or employment in entry-level positions.

If you live in the region, we invite you to read further and find out more about the available options.

1Stellar Career College

About the School

Stellar Career College has been helping individuals earn career-ready skills for more than 30 years.

The programs prepare students who are ready to work alongside physicians and other healthcare professionals in medical facilities.

The college’s Medical Assisting/Patient Care Technician program can be completed in 36 weeks by part-time students.

The classes currently take place from 8 a.m. to 12:35 p.m. Monday thru Thursday on-campus.

Classes are usually limited to less than 15 students.

Students receive hands-on instructor-led training in the college’s lab which includes 200 hours of externship.

Tuition for the Medical Assistant program is $11,980.

The tuition cost includes a prep course and one exam attempt fee for the National Certified Electrocardiograph Technician certificate and National Certified Medical Assisting Certificate.

Stellar Career College is a private institution approved by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education.

The College is also accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges.

Courses Offered

The following courses are available at Stellar Career College:

  • Administrative Accounting Clerk
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Administrative Medical Clerk
  • Medical Assisting/Patient Service Technician
  • Sterile Processing Technician
  • Veterinary Assisting
  • Office Clerk

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2Modesto Technical College

About the School

Modesto Technical College provides programs in a variety of trade and technical areas.

The College is approved by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education.

Training is available for both beginners and advanced students with classes being offered during the day, evenings, and on the weekend.

Tuition costs vary depending on the program.

The Auto Mechanics I program costs $7,500, while Industrial Maintenance Technician III costs $19,972.

Courses Offered

The following courses are available at Modesto Technical College:

  • Maintenance Technology- a program that covers topics on HVAC/Heating & Air Conditioning, Programmable Logic Controllers, Electrical Wiring, Electrical Theory, and Fluid Power Systems.
  • Industrial Refrigeration- a program that trains refrigeration technicians, engineers, and maintenance personnel for industries such as meatpacking, refrigerated warehousing, or pharmaceutical industries.
  • Welding Technology- students enrolled in this program learn a variety of welding techniques, including Shielded Metal Arc Welding, Gas Tungsten Arc Welding, Gas Metal Arc Welding, Stainless purge welding, and process pipe welding.
  • Automotive Technology- a curriculum that teaches brakes, air conditioning, engine performance, fuel injection, electrical systems, steering and suspension, and alignment.

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3Institute of Technology

About the School

The Institute of Technology helps students take control of their future with hands-on training in medical, culinary, technical, and criminal justice professions.

Classes are taught by instructors with many years of experience in the industry.

The school also offers support with tutoring.

The Institute of Technology is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career School and Colleges, and the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training.

Courses Offered

Training is available in the following fields:

  • Barbering- a course that teaches students how to perform barbershop facials, shaving, and other services
  • Cosmetology- a program that covers the fundamentals of hairdressing and allows students to build a professional portfolio.
  • Criminal Justice- students enrolled in this program learn a variety of skills needed for employment in law enforcement, corrections, security, EMR, and disaster response.
  • Culinary Programs- a program that includes hands-on training through immersive externships.
  • Medical Programs- courses are available for those who want to start careers as Nurses, Medical Assistants, Massage Therapists, Physical Therapy Assistants, and other healthcare professions.
  • Technical Programs- Institute of Technology allows students to prepare for careers in Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Industrial Maintenance and Automated Technology, and Welding.

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4Cal-Trade Welding School

About the School

Cal-Trade Welding School offers a variety of welding classes.

Students learn from instructors with several years of on-the-job training and a Certificate of Authorization for Service from CCPVE for Instructors.

Total costs vary depending on the program.

The combination welding program costs $12,501 and includes 504 total hours of training.

The cost includes tuition registration fees, books & supplies, STRF, and certification costs.

The 270-hour structural welding program costs $6,898.50 in total.

Admission requirements vary depending on the program and some programs require previous experience or certification.

For the Welding Inspector Preparation Course, students need at least five years of experience.

Applicants to the Pipeline Welding class must be certified structural welders.

Courses Offered

The following programs are available:

  • SMAW- a combination course that covers Stick Welding, TIG Welding, MIG Welding, and Fluxed Core Arc Welding
  • NR 232 Innershiled- a structural welding course that covers Stick welding, MIG Welding, and Fluxed Core Arc Welding
  • TIG- a program that teaches TIG and MIG welding
  • Pipeline- students enrolled in this program learn how to join pipes with a strong and leak-proof joint.

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5Central Valley Opportunity Center

About the School

Central Valley Opportunity Center is a non-profit employment training and service provider.

The Center is funded mainly through federal, state, and local grants to provide opportunities for farm workers and low-income populations.

Tuition costs vary depending on the program.

The Production Welder program costs $6,209 in total while the Weatherization Installer program costs $2,584,50.

This includes tuition, registration fee, tools, books, clothing, test fees, and STRF.

The school has the following admission requirements: have a valid high school diploma, GED, or equivalent.

Those who don’t have a high school diploma or GED have to pass the ability to benefit test and be at least 18 years of age.

The programs are designed for economically disadvantaged students with low-income individuals who live in the Central Valley area.

Those interested are invited to interview with a Case Manager and receive a tour of the campus.

Courses Offered

The following programs are included in the school’s catalog:

  • General Business Occupation
  • Production Welding
  • Weatherization Installer
  • Photovoltaic Installer
  • General Cooking
  • Cashier Retail Sales
  • Truck Driver

Contact Information

  • Address: 6838 Bridget Ct. PO Box 1389 Winton, CA 95388
  • Phone: 209 357 0062
  • Website: https://www.cvoc.org

6Gurnick Academy

About the School

Gurnick Academy offers a variety of career training programs at its Modesto Campus.

The campus was opened in 2007 and includes classrooms, a patient-care lab, a medical assisting lab, a dental lab, and a library with Internet access.

Gurnick Academy is accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools.

The total cost of attendance varies between approximately $25,000 and $63,000 depending on the program, and individual student costs.

The cost of attendance includes tuition and fees (which range from $6,000to $43,000), books, transportation, room&board, personal expenses, and loan fees.

Courses Offered

The following programs are available at Gurnick’s Modesto campus:

  • Vocational Nurse- a 1,570 clock-hour program that includes 954 hours in affiliated medical facilities
  • Medical Assistant- a program that includes 948.5 hours of training, 180 hours spent in clinical training
  • Dental Assistant- this program consists of 946.5 hours- 180 hours dedicated to clinical training
  • A.S. in Magnetic Resonance Imaging- this program can be completed in 18 months and includes 1,886 hours.
  • CPR for Basic Life Support- a 4.5 hour-program
  • IV Therapy & Blood Withdrawal Course- this 36-hour program consists of 27 hours of lectures and 9 hours of clinical experience.

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7DeHart Technical School

About the School

DeHart Technical School provides HVAC training courses.

The school offers flexible times, with the following schedules being available:

  • Monday-Friday- from 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
  • Monday-Friday- from 12:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Monday-Friday- 5 p.m.-9 p.m.

To be eligible for admission, applicants must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have a state-issued ID
  • Possess a Social Security Card or Permanent Resident ID
  • Possess a high school diploma, GED, or high school equivalency test
  • Possess a stable internet/Wi-Fi connection

The estimated total cost for the HVAC/Facilities Maintenance Course 1 Hybrid is $7,435 and includes 480 hours of training, registration fee, and supplies.

The 928 hours of HVAC/R Facilities Maintenance Course 3 costs $17,990 in total and can be completed in approximately 48 weeks.

Courses Offered

Facilities Maintenance HVAC Course 1 Hybrid- a six-month program for those who want to start a career in this field.

HVAC/R Facilities Maintenance Course 3 Hybrid- is a 12-month program that builds upon the six-month program and offers students more advanced courses in the electrical, plumbing, and refrigeration field.

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8San Joaquin Valley College

About the School

San Joaquin Valley College offers training programs that prepare students for medical and dental industries, business, trades, and industrial sectors.

San Joaquin Valley College is accrediting by the WASC Senior College and University Commission.

Courses Offered

The following programs are available:

  • Clinical Medical Assisting- a program that prepares students who can perform both administrative and clinical tasks
  • Pharmacy Technology- a program that can be completed in as few as 9 or 15 months, depending on the program, and leads to a certificate.
  • Medical Office Administration- a program that teaches students how to perform administrative duties such as processing insurance claims, operating computer software, and keeping inventory.
  • Business Office Administration- a program that teaches skills such as bookkeeping, organizing files, processing payroll, scheduling appointments, and assisting with travel arrangements.
  • Electrical Technology- a program that teaches students how to install, maintain, and repair electrical equipment safely, competently, and professionally.
  • Maintenance Technician- a program that leads to a certificate of completion in as few as seven months and an Associate of Science Degree in only 14 months.

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9Academy for Professional Development

About the School

Academy for Professional Development provides training programs that prepare students for EMS, Security, and Supply Chain industries.

Tuition costs vary depending on the program.

The Physical Security Specialist program costs $15,190 while the Phlebotomy program costs $2,727.

Academy for Professional Development is accredited by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education.

To qualify for admission to the Emergency Medical Technician program, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age, or at least 17 if you have parental consent
  • Have a current driver’s license and Social Security Card
  • Have at least a high school diploma, or a GED.
  • For the EMT-B program, you must be able to carry heavy things, stoop, kneel, climb, crouch, and crawl.
  • Be physically cleared to participate in the program
  • Provide current immunization records
  • Must not have been convicted of a felony or any other charges

Courses Offered

The following programs are available:

  • Emergency Medical Technician- a full 200-hour program
  • Physical Security Specialist- a 27-day program that prepares students with the skills needed when managing a security protection detail.
  • Executive Protection Specialist- an intensive 14-day course

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10Abrasm College

About the School

Abrams College offers a variety of career training programs.

Tuition costs vary depending on the program.

The Phlebotomy program costs $3,750 while the Emergency Medical Technician costs $1,575.

Some books and materials are not included in the above costs.

To qualify for admission, applicants need:

  • High school diploma, GED, or equivalent
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be a resident or citizen of the United States
  • Have no felony convictions or convictions that are related to drug and/or sex crimes
  • A valid CPR program is required for the EMT and Phlebotomy Program

Courses Offered

Abrams Colleges offers training in the following career fields:

  • Emergency Medical Technician- this six-week, 170-hour program leads to a certificate of completion for EMT and graduates are ready for Califonia EMT certification and National Registration as an Emergency Medical Technician-Basic
  • Medical Assistant- a 14-week part-time program that requires students to attend two classes per week
  • Paralegal- a 14-week program that covers topics such as Introduction to Law, Bankruptcy Law, Civil Law & Procedures, Criminal Law & Procedure, Contract Law, and more
  • Pharmacy Technician- a program that runs for 14 consecutive weeks
  • Phlebotomy & E.K.G. Technician- a course divided into two sections: a 48-hours didactic portion and a 40-hour externship

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Salary Information for Popular Trade Careers

CareerEmployedAvg. Annual SalaryAvg. Hourly PayTop 10% Annual SalaryBottom 10% Annual Salary
Paralegals and Legal Assistants240$62,910$30.25$90,060$45,910
Medical Records Specialists310$49,150$23.63$63,220$35,360
Nursing Assistants1,560$41,060$19.74$48,670$35,840
Dental Assistants900$46,500$22.36$60,810$31,100
Medical Assistants1,490$46,680$22.44$65,130$33,410
Plumbers, Pipefitters, and Steamfitters380$67,850$32.62$111,340$41,650
Automotive Service Technicians and Mechanics930$52,940$25.45$74,230$32,000
Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Mechanics and Installers450$62,560$30.08$96,960$39,400
* Salary information based on the May 2022 Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) Survey for Modesto, CA metropolitan statistical area, BLS.
* Employment conditions in your area may vary.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have read our list, the next step is to decide what path you want to pursue.

Then, you have to review all your educational options.

In this process, we encourage you to continue the research and gather as much information as possible about all the factors that are relevant to your choice.

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