10 Best Phlebotomy Schools inTennessee

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If you want to start a career in the Phlebotomy field, this page is for you.

This profession is a right fit for people who:

  • Are interested in other people’s health
  • Are compassionate
  • Have strong motor skills
  • Enjoy working in a laboratory
  • Are detail-oriented and able to multi-task

Before being ready to apply for your first positions in the field, you have to complete a post-secondary training program at a trade school or community college.

Certification is not required in order to work as a phlebotomist in Tennessee but taking the exam can make it easier for you to find a job in the field.

On this page, we have compiled information about the best phlebotomy schools in Tennessee and the programs they offer.

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1Phlebotomy Training Specialists

About the School

Phlebotomy Training Specialists is a phlebotomy school that provides a Training & Certification program designed to prepare students for employment in the healthcare field.

Its Tennessee campus is located in Nashville.

Day, evening, and weekend schedules are available monthly to fit different schedules.

The curriculum is designed to help students pass the National CPT Exam.

Students spend 16-24 hours during the training in intensive, hands-on instruction.

The school’s instructors are highly competent, state-approved, and experienced in their field.

After graduation, students can find employment opportunities in a variety of other healthcare settings, including plasma donation centers, medical clinics, blood banks, health fairs, dialysis clinics, hospitals, and laboratories.

The total cost for this program is $995 and includes class tuition, textbook, supplies/equipment fee, and the national exam fee.

Students pay a $100 deposit to guarantee their seats in the class of their choice.

The Phlebotomy course consists of 48 hours of in-class training and includes bookwork, intensive hands-on training, and practical examination.

On the last day of class, students can choose to take the National Exam.

If they pass the exam, students will be certified to work anywhere in the country.

To qualify for admission into this program, applicants must complete the following requirements:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Be a high school graduate or equivalent

Previous experience is not required.

Students can choose between morning, afternoon, and weekend classes.

Contact Information

2Northwest Phlebotomy School

About the School

Northwest Phlebotomy School provides two or three-day phlebotomy classes at two locations in Tennessee.

Classes are available in Memphis and Nashville.

The curriculum covers topics on anatomy and physiology, phlebotomy techniques, equipment, and considerations for patient demographics.

The training and certification programs range from one to three days in length.

The hands-on training experience focuses on one-on-one training in a small group setting.

Classes blend lab work and lectures.

Courses Offered

The Phlebotomy Training Course provides students with experience in using a variety of venipuncture techniques.

The three-day program prepares students for employment by covering safety practices in the phlebotomy field and exposing students to a variety of demographics.

To enroll, students can choose to pay a $150 deposit to secure their place or pay in full.

The curriculum covers topics related to blood collection (anatomy & physiology, performing phlebotomy, and special consideration), safety in the field (preventing needlestick injuries, principles of infection control, and preventing bloodborne pathogen transmission), and a practical exam.

A four-hour IV Certification workshop is also available and teaches the techniques and materials required for IV catheter placement and more.

Contact Information

3Academy of Allied Health Careers

About the School

Academy of Allied Health Careers offers shorter programs that cost less and help students save both time and money.

The school is accredited by the Council on Occupational Education.

Courses Offered

The following programs are available at the school:

  • Clinical Medical Assistant
  • Professional Coder PLUS
  • Phlebotomy Technician
  • Medical Administrative Assistant
  • Nursing Assistant

The Phlebotomy Technician program can be completed in just five short weeks and prepares students for their National Certification Exam.

The program includes a total of 60 contact hours.

Clinical hours are not required but can be taken once the 60 hours of academic work are completed.

The curriculum covers topics such as:

  • Patient Identification
  • Safety & Infection Control
  • Basic Anatomy & Physiology
  • Selecting proper veins and tubes
  • Order of blood draws
  • Legal Issues in Phlebotomy
  • Proper labeling, transport, and delivery
  • Proper infection control & sanitary procedures
  • Proper universal precautions & sanitary procedures
  • And more

Contact Information

  • Address: 5600 Brainerd Road, Suite C-3, Chattanooga, Tennessee 37411
  • Phone: 423.499.4999
  • Website: https://aahctn.edu

4TN Professional Training Institute

About the School

TN Professional Training Institute provides students with the opportunity to get certified in just a few weeks while keeping a full-time job.

The institute is located off I-24 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Courses Offered

The Phlebotomy Technician course provided by TN Professional Training Institute provides students with the knowledge and experience to become ready-for-employment phlebotomists.

The course has objectives such as:

  • Selection of the correct tubes for the requested tests
  • Utilization of the correct procedure for obtaining blood
  • Preparation and usage of equipment
  • Selection of the appropriate vein
  • Mixing and labeling of tubes
  • Performing blood cultures
  • Proper patient respect and care
  • And more

Tuition for this program is $1,600 and includes a $300 supply fee.

Students have to purchase their own set of scrubs.

To qualify for admission into this program, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Have a clear criminal record
  • Be willing and able to work with patients
  • Be a high school graduate or hold a GED

Contact Information

  • Address: 1630 South Church Street, Suite 302 (3rd Floor), Murfreesboro, TN 37130
  • Phone: (615) 631-8440
  • Website: https://tnpti.com

5Compassionate Care Technical Center, Inc

About the School

Compassionate Care Technical Center, Inc provides training programs in Knoxville, Tennessee.

The enrollment requirements include an official high school transcript or GED scores or the Ability to Benefit exam, as well as a current CPR Certification in Basic Life Support or Heartsaver from the American Heart Association.

Courses Offered

The school provides a 60-hour course designed for allied health workers who want to learn the clinical skills of Phlebotomy.

Among other topics, students review universal precautions, specimen requirements, laboratory policies, and vein and capillary punctures.

They learn by practicing live sticks on each other and mannequin hands to complete the number of sticks required for this program and receive a certificate of completion.

Graduates are qualified for the optional certification exam offered by the National Healthcareer Association after completing at least 30 successful venipunctures and 10 successful capillary sticks.

Contact Information

6EduMed Partners

EduMed Partners prepares students with the training needed for a new job.

Courses Offered

A 60-hour Phlebotomist program is available at the school and offers the knowledge students need in order to find employment in the healthcare field.

The training covers a variety of tasks, including:

  • Collection of blood and body fluids
  • Record keeping
  • Verifying patient information
  • Picking up specimens
  • Operating the centrifuge
  • Clinical safety
  • Patient Rights
  • And more

This program costs $1,600 and includes tuition and application fee.

Applicants must be high school graduates, hold a GED, or have been homeschooled according to state regulations.

They must participate in an interview with an admissions representative.

Graduates earn a certificate for completed course work and they are eligible to sit for certification with NHA and similar organizations.

Phlebotomists may find employment in laboratories, physician offices, nursing homes, walk-in clinics, home health agencies, and other similar settings.

Contact Information

7Allied Health Careers Institute

About the School

Allied Health Careers Institute offers courses in medical assisting, medical billing & coding, and phlebotomy.

The programs are affordable and geared so that students gain the knowledge and skills needed to find employment in their career of choice.

Allied Health Careers Institute is a post-secondary educational institution authorized for operation by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission.

Courses Offered

Among other programs, Allied Health Careers Institute provides a Phlebotomy Technician program designed to prepare students who are proficient in clinical laboratories in hospitals, physician’s offices, and other ambulatory healthcare services.

The curriculum covers topics such as:

  • Medical Terminology
  • Professional Communication Skills
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Infection Control Vital Signs
  • Equipment and Supplies
  • Collection by Capillary Puncture
  • Collection by Venipuncture
  • Errors and Compilations
  • Point of Care Testing

Tuition for this program is $1,200.

Students spend $325 for other fees.

Contact Information

  • Address: 1233 Commerce Park, Murfreesboro, TN 37130
  • Phone: (615) 396-8733
  • Website: https://ahci.edu

8NGH School of Health Sciences

About the School

Nashville General Hospital’s School of Health Sciences prepares students for careers in health care.

The school can help you get ready for a new health career in as little as three months.

This is the only hospital-based school in Middle Tennessee.

Courses Offered

The Phlebotomy Technician program provided at NGH School of Health Sciences was developed in 2022 to provide a structured educational program for students interested in learning phlebotomy techniques.

Graduates receive a certificate of completion.

The curriculum follows the content specifications of the Certified Phlebotomy Technician exam administered by the National Health Career Association.

The program focuses on teaching skills such as:

  • Verifying patient/donor identity
  • Explaining the blood-drawing procedure to patients and answering their questions
  • Evaluating patients’ ability to withstand the procedure
  • Drawing blood from patients and blood donors
  • Performing basic point-of-care testing
  • Preparing blood specimens for testing
  • Maintaining medical equipment

Tuition is $950.

The application fee is $50.

Classes take place in weeks 1-6 on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Clinicals take place in weeks 7-12 from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. one day each week between Monday and Friday.

Contact Information

9Medical Response Institute

About the School

Medical Response Institute provides medical assisting and phlebotomy training programs.

The school was established to meet the needs of the real world.

The institute packs 200 classroom hours into 10 weeks.

Courses Offered

The Medical Assistant/Phlebotomy Training Course includes 300 contact hours in total, including classroom training and laboratory time.

The clinical and classroom part of the training includes:

  • Patient Care
  • Communication
  • Office Administration
  • Medical Law and Ethics

The Phlebotomy portion of the training program covers patient preparation, collection techniques, processing, safety, and compliance consideration.

Students also learn coding and billing, anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, and other topics.

After completing the program, students receive a certificate of completion and are eligible for National Certification.

The total cost for this program is $2,530 and includes registration fees, tuition, testing fees, book rental, and cap and gown.

Contact Information

10Carolina School of Phlebotomy.

About the School

Phlebotomy training programs are also available in neighboring North Carolina.

One such program is provided by the Carolina School of Phlebotomy.

The school offers a specialized curriculum developed by a team of healthcare professionals, a Medical Doctor, and educational experts.

Courses Offered

Carolina School of Phlebotomy provides a Phlebotomy program that can be completed in seven weeks.

The program takes place on-site and at an externship location.

Each student gets to draw blood at least once in every class.

The draws are performed, with instructor supervision, on other class members.

The instructors guide students as they learn a variety of phlebotomy techniques.

The course includes six weeks of lecture, discussion, and practical instruction in the lab and a 40-hour clinical externship at a local patient service center, hospital, or clinic.

The curriculum includes courses on topics such as:

  • HIPAA and Patient Rights
  • Universal Precautions and Safety
  • Venipuncture with Vacutainers, Butterflies, and Syringes
  • Special Procedures- Bleeding Times, Blood Cultures, Glucose Tolerance Testing
  • Difficult Draws- Tricks of the Trade
  • And more

Tuition for this program is $500.

Additional fees include a $50 registration fee, a $150 laboratory fee, $100 for books and supplies, and a $100 externship fee.

Contact Information

Regional Salary in Tennessee

RegionEmployedAvg. Annual SalaryAvg. Hourly PayTop 10% Annual SalaryBottom 10% Annual Salary
Chattanooga, TN-GA220$34,410$16.54$43,140$26,900
Clarksville, TN-KY70$33,230$15.98$42,590$25,250
Cleveland, TN40$33,070$15.9$41,320$29,670
Jackson, TN120$33,230$15.97$40,620$26,600
Johnson City, TN170$33,930$16.31$41,430$28,990
Kingsport-Bristol-Bristol, TN-VA220$33,150$15.94$39,340$26,070
Knoxville, TN510$35,890$17.25$45,960$29,020
Memphis, TN-MS-AR520$37,400$17.98$45,700$30,090
Morristown, TN30$33,110$15.92$40,560$25,170
Nashville-Davidson--Murfreesboro--Franklin, TN1,150$36,680$17.63$44,450$29,990
* Salary information based on the May 2022 Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) Survey for Phlebotomists, OCC Code 31-9097, BLS.
* Employment conditions in your area may vary.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have read our list of the best phlebotomy schools in Tennessee the next step is to continue the research and apply for the program that best meets your needs.

This is an important step, so make sure the program you choose meets your budget, career aspirations, and learning style.