10 Best Medical Billing and Coding Schools inColorado

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If you’re an organized person and you want to start a career in the medical billing and coding field, this page is for you.

Here we will compile information about the best Colorado schools that prepare you for the Certified Billing and Coding Specialist exam offered by the National Healthcareer Association and a career in this field.

As a medical biller and coder help healthcare facilities manage insurance claims, invoices, and payments.

You must know how to take the provider’s diagnostic and procedural notes and convert them into the correct codes for record and billing purposes.

Once the coding is completed, billing specialists generate invoices and send the claims to insurance providers.

We invite you to read our selection and continue with your own research before deciding where to enroll.

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1Medical Billing and Coding

About the School

Medical Billing and Coding provides guidelines for individuals who want to start a career in this field.

The website also offers classes that prepare students for the American Association of Professional Coders’s Certified Professional Coder exam.

Courses Offered

The video courses go over the 24 sections that the CPC exam focuses on, including:

  • Anesthesia
  • Radiology
  • Medicine
  • Evaluation and Management
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Practice Management
  • Coding Guidelines
  • Pathology and Laboratory
  • And more

Each course is only a few minutes long and can be watched at each individual’s own pace.

Contact Information

2Red Rocks Community College

About the School

Red Rocks Community College offers zero-cost, short-term healthcare training programs through Care Forward Colorado.

The college has campuses in Lakewood and Arvada.

Courses Offered

The Medical Billing & Coding Specialist program may lead to a certificate or Associate of Applied Science degree.

The certificate takes approximately one and a half semesters to complete while the Associate in Applied Science degree takes approximately two years to complete.

Students must meet English requirements to be successful in their courses.

They must be placed in ENG 121 or higher.

The program also requires that students complete the MAT 050 prerequisite before entering advanced courses.

MAT 120 or higher is required for students enrolled in the Associate in Applied Science program.

A background/drug screen is required before the internship period.

Contact Information

3Colorado Mountain College

About the School

Colorado Mountain College offers a blend of certificate programs, associate degrees, and bachelor’s degrees.

The college is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Colorado Mountain College district and services area cover 12,000 square miles, three national forests, six wilderness areas, and most of Colorado’s major ski resorts.

Courses Offered

The Medical Billing and Coding certificate available at Colorado Mountain College equips students with in-demand job skills.

Students learn medical coding for insurance reimbursement and billing.

The program covers industry practices such as:

  • Billing procedures and regulations
  • Reimbursement
  • Medical coding rules and regulations
  • Compliance

Courses are offered online.

This career and technical education program meets the minimum requirements for financial aid eligibility.

The curriculum covers topics such as:

  • Basic Anatomy and Physiology
  • Law & Ethics for Health Professionals
  • Working with Health IT Professionals
  • Medical Terminology
  • Medical Office Administration
  • Advanced Insurance Billing and Coding
  • And more

Contact Information

4IntelliTec College

About the School

IntelliTec College provides students with flexible study options and hands-on career training.

Convenient day or evening classes are available to meet different student schedules.

The programs are designed to focus only on the most practical skills to get students ready for a career fast.

The college has more than 50 years of experience in providing career training programs.

Courses Offered

Among many other programs, IntelliTec College offers a program that prepares students for careers as Medical Billers and Coders.

The programs are 12 to 18 months long.

Students take a College and Readiness course, Human Anatomy and Physiology with Medical Terminology, the importance of HIPAA, and Medical Laws and Ethics courses.

The following Medical Billing & Coding programs are available:

  • Medical Billing & Coding Certificate- a 12-month program available in Colorado Springs, Grand Junction, and Pueblo
  • Healthcare Administration: Medical Billing & Coding Associate Degree- an 18-month program designed to prepare students for entry-level positions as Medical Biller and Coders in a variety of healthcare settings; this program is available in Albuquerque, Colorado Springs, Grand Junction, and Pueblo.

IntelliTec College is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges.

Contact Information

5Cross Purpose

About the School

Cross Purpose provides a free medical billing and coding certification program in partnership with Penn Foster Online.

This is a self-paced, online training program that leads to a career diploma.

Students can use this credential to obtain employment in hospitals, doctor’s offices/private practices, laboratories, long and short-term care facilities, and many other healthcare settings.

Courses Offered

The skills taught in this program include:

  • Tech and digital skills
  • Financial health and literacy
  • Mindset growth
  • Interviewing
  • Public speaking
  • Team building
  • Resume building
  • And more

Students learn how to:

  • Read and analyze patient records
  • Determine the correct codes for patient records
  • Use codes to bill insurance providers
  • Keep track of patient data over multiple visits
  • Manage detailed, specifically coded information
  • And more

Contact Information

6Pikes Peak State College

About the School

Pikes Peak State College prepares students for high-demand healthcare careers.

Programs that prepare students for careers as Medical Receptionists, Medical Coding Specialists, Medical Office Managers, and Insurance Billing Specialists are available at the college.

The college has three campuses and additional learning centers throughout Colorado Springs.

Many online options as well as day and evening classes are available to meet different student lifestyles.

In total, more than 150 degrees and certificate programs are available at the college.

Courses Offered

The Pikes Peak State College catalog includes a Medical Reception and Coding program that includes four semesters of training.

The curriculum covers classes such as:

  • Basic Medical Sciences
  • Introduction to Clinical Skills
  • Medical Filing
  • And more

Students learn anatomy, physiology, and other basic medical sciences as well as the rules and regulations of medical records in a basic ambulatory setting.

Legal topics related to patient records are also included in the curriculum, as well as data entry into EMR exercises and more.

Contact Information

7APL MED Academy

About the School

APL MED Academy provides training programs for compassionate students who want to start a career in healthcare.

Courses Offered

Among other programs, the school offers Medical Billing and Coding classes in Denver, Colorado.

Students enrolled in this program learn about the procedures essential to nursing and the system of health care.

The skills covered by this program include communication and collecting patient data.

The course includes both theoretical and practical courses.

The program includes a 12-week curriculum and covers the typical responsibilities of a medical biller/coder.

The curriculum also covers the professional ethics required for success in this profession.

Students learn how to use medical terminology to identify and describe body planes, anatomical directions, and the major structures, functions, and pathologies of the body systems, among other topics.

Contact Information

  • Address: 2600 South Parker Rd Bldg 6-300 Aurora CO, 80014
  • Phone: (303) 752-0000
  • Website: https://aplmed.com

8Penn Foster

About the School

Colorado residents may also learn the skills needed for this profession by attending an online program at a school located in another state.

Such remote programs are available at Penn Foster.

Penn Foster offers training programs that prepare students for in-demand jobs.

Recognized certificates, diplomas, and degree programs are provided at the school.

Courses Offered

The Medical Billing and Coding program at Penn Foster helps students prepare for the Certified Billing and Coding Specialist exam offered by the National Healthcareer Association.

The program leads to a Diploma.

The program is available online and offers students the option to finish training at their own pace.

The curriculum can be completed in 11 months and helps students gain the training needed to pursue a career in this field.

Students learn the relevant skills by taking courses such as:

  • Medical Office Procedures
  • Body Systems and Medical Terminology
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Basic Medical Coding
  • Intermediate Medical Coding

Contact Information

9San Joaquin Valley College

About the School

San Joaquin Valley College has 16 locations across California but it also provides online programs.

The college’s catalog features a variety of career-ready programs.

A program that prepares students for work in the field of medical billing and coding is available at the college and can be completed online.

The program can be completed in as few as seven months by students who want to earn a certificate and in 15 months by students who want to earn an Associate of Science Degree.

Courses Offered

Medical billing and coding students take a variety of career-relevant classes, including:

  • Medical Insurance Principles- a course that focuses on the requirements of this profession as well as insurance terminology, legislation, and regulations that affect billing and coding
  • CPT/HCPCS Coding- a course that examines coding concepts associated with the Current Procedural Terminology manual and the HCPCS code book.

Contact Information

  • Address: 8344 West Mineral King, Visalia, California 93291
  • Phone: (866) 544-7898
  • Website: https://www.sjvc.edu

10San Francisco State University

About the School

San Francisco State University offers world-class academics and a variety of programs.

Bachelor’s degrees are available in 77 academic areas and master’s degrees in 63 academic areas.

Courses Offered

Among many other programs, the university offers a Medical Billing and Coding Professional program.

Tuition for this program is $1,799.

This is a self-paced eLearning course that includes six months of access, ebooks, workbooks, and other related course material.

The curriculum covers courses on topics such as:

  • An overview of the healthcare and insurance industries
  • Introduction to the organization and use of ICD-10-CM and CPT manuals
  • Basic diagnostic and procedural coding
  • The Health Insurance Claim Form
  • Review and practice coding Evaluation and Management
  • And more

Contact Information

  • Address: 160 Spear Street, 5th Floor, San Francisco, California 94105
  • Phone: (415) 405-7700
  • Website: https://cpage.sfsu.edu

Regional Salary in Colorado

RegionEmployedAvg. Annual SalaryAvg. Hourly PayTop 10% Annual SalaryBottom 10% Annual Salary
Boulder, CO**$45,120$21.69$58,750$34,110
Colorado Springs, CO390$50,850$24.45$65,730$32,470
Denver-Aurora-Lakewood, CO1,070$58,020$27.89$80,490$38,440
Fort Collins, CO100$49,740$23.91$67,660$33,090
Grand Junction, CO80$46,990$22.59$63,840$33,380
Greeley, CO30$47,540$22.86$62,100$34,690
Pueblo, CO80$49,370$23.74$60,560$37,250
* Salary information based on the May 2022 Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) Survey for Medical Records Specialists, OCC Code 29-2072, BLS.
* Employment conditions in your area may vary.

Final Thoughts

Medical billing and coding skills can be learned either by attending in-person classes at a school or community college near you or online, at your own pace.

Now that you have read our selection of the best medical billing and coding schools in Colorado, we encourage you to continue your research and decide what program best meets your learning style, budget, and career aspirations.